Stop Emotional Eating

How to Stop Emotional Eating – Brisbane.

Every day I help people just like you whose eating habits are driven by their emotions and feel they are not in control of their eating.

Most of the people I help to stop emotional eating were tired of the hiding and the endless internal struggle.

I will work with you as an individual so that you will no longer be at the mercy of your emotions.

You will then be able to get on with your life feeling in control, and start to enjoy just being you. Eating can be just an ordinary part of your life; and you will be able to focus on all the other wonderful aspects of life.

How does hypnosis help stop emotional eating?

I view the symptoms of emotional eating partly as coping mechanisms for a deeper underlying problem, and partly as habit. Quite often, the brain learns that eating is the cure-all for any negative feelings.

Everyone I have to stop emotional eating does it slightly differently. I attack the problem using a few different approaches.

Part of what I do in helping you to stop emotional eating, is to help you to discover the underlying issues; where in your past they came from; and also to resolve them.

Do the results last?

Along with uncovering past issues, you also need some very effective tools and techniques that you can adapt to your own particular needs in helping you to take control. This is where my unique integration of approaches will put you well in stead to move on and feel confident in the permanency of the changes I help you to make. So that you do not relapse into old habits when future challenges arise.

Imagine just how great you will feel when you know in your heart that you are able to deal with any emotions and to be in control of your eating.

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