How to Control Weight

How to Control Weight – Brisbane

Yo-yo dieting and constantly worrying about good and bad eating days really takes the enjoyment out of life.I will help you to change your eating habits permanently.

Imagine how you will feel when you have reached your ideal body weight and shape. Knowing that you will learn how to control weight easily without relying on will-power means that you will be able to enjoy everyday feeling in control.

How does hypnosis help me to control weight?

Hypnosis enables positive suggestions to be accepted and acted upon without having to rely on will-power. I also teach you some effective self-hypnosis tools to help you to change the way you internally represent different foods to yourself.

My weight control program has a very high success rate because it enables you to achieve personal change at a deep level in your sub-conscious mind. It is the part of your mind, which governs your motivations, perceptions and beliefs.

I do not prescribe a diet for you to try to follow and then eventually break. However you will enjoy noticing your eating habits improving; and you will feel good about yourself more and more as you lose a moderate amount of weight each week. Some people enjoy or require the structure of a prescribed diet. In which case I work in conjunction with your dietitian.

When you attend my weight control program, you will learn how to control weight and change your perception of different foods. You will not experience the battle of will power and calorie counting which you may have experienced as a dieter. Your self confidence will improve as you achieve your goal of a thinner, healthier you. You will learn self-hypnosis and gain motivation to enjoy moderate exercise.

I teach you to recognize and change unwanted eating habits and to become aware of and overcome any blocks or internal conflicts which may be preventing you from achieving your goal.

Seize the opportunity now to change your life for the better because you deserve to have the healthy body you want.

I will be provide you with everything you need to take control at last; and have the body you have wanted for so long and deserve to have.

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