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Professional Caring Help with Anxiety, Depression, Weight & Eating Disorders. (Since 2002)

Every day I help people just like you to beat Anxiety, Depression, IBS and Eating Disorders. I will help you to rid yourself of your fears and to take control. Having something inside you that is outside your control can be frightening, debilitating or embarrassing. Deciding on the right person to help can be overwhelming. I integrate Hypnosis, Analytical Psychotherapy, Mindfulness Training and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in a unique way to make sure your issues are properly resolved.

I have had my hypnotherapy practice since 2002 and I have helped over 3000 people to overcome their issues. I specialise in treating Anxiety, Depression, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Alcohol Issues, Weight Control and Eating Disorders such as Bulimia, Binge Eating and Anorexia.

I also offer specialised Executive Support Programs for Executives and Entrepreneurs.

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    You can feel secure, professionally cared for and confident of a good result when you take advantage of my 18 years experience in Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy. Many people who sought my help in the past felt they were clutching at straws in their efforts to find a therapist they could trust and rely upon.

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    Please call Hypnotherapy Queensland to find how I can help you to overcome your issue. Your call is completely confidential and there is no obligation.


    How Hypnotherapy for Weight Control and Eating Disorders Works
    How Hypnotherapy for Weight Control and Eating Disorders Works

    Issues with weight control and eating disorders in Brisbane have been on a steady rise in recent decades. Unfortunately, weight loss treatments often end up in disappointment. However, there’s more to it than just frustration. When food is part of your predicament, a drawback of any kind has a way of triggering a vicious cycle.

    Online Skype Therapy for Anxiety and Depression
    Online Skype Therapy for Anxiety and Depression

    Can You Cope and Recover Without Ever Meeting Your Therapist in Person? Online Skype therapy has been a steadily developing trend for quite some time now. However, with the COVID-19 pandemics, it has turned into a necessity. I used to offer Skype treatment for anxiety and depression to one-third of my clients. Now, I may

    You Can Still Have Effective Therapy Sessions
    You Can Still Have Effective Therapy Sessions

    – Using Zoom for Therapy to Tackle Stress and Anxiety – I have always been open to the idea of using Zoom for therapy. I believe it’s a great platform to make my services accessible to those who don’t share my postal code. However, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic highlighted the importance of being able to