Online Therapy

Therapy Sessions Via Skype, Zoom or Webcam.

Too far away to visit me at my rooms? Not enough time to get in for help?

  • More and more, we engage via the web. Why not get help with your issues using the convenience of the web.
  • Skype/Zoom sessions are just as effective as being here in the room with me.

Many people suffering from Anxiety, Depression and Relationship Issues cannot get in to see me because of where they live or because of their work situation.

FIFO work schedules place enormous pressure on marital and family relationships and individuals’ emotional and mental well being. Anxiety, Depression and Relationship Issues are especially common in mining industry. It is an enormous problem often not spoken about, or is minimised by general society.

I help menu people who work in the mining industry or have a Fly-in Fly-out (FIFO) work schedule.

Just like a regular face-to-face session:

I was at first hesitant to run Skype/Zoom sessions. But people from remote areas need help and do not have access to help. Now when I am helping people via Skype and Zoom, I often forget that they are hundreds or even thousands of kilometres away. I have helped people through Skype therapy and Zoom therapy sessions from as far away as South Africa and Egypt; and remote parts of Australia. Skype Sessions and Zoom Sessions are great for people who find it difficult to get away from their busy work life to see me for face-to-face sessions.

Webcam & Internet Connection

All that is needed is a webcam and an internet connection. Some clients have had sessions with me simply using their iPhone with FaceTime.

Far away or nearby

Most people who have Skype therapy sessions and Zoom therapy sessions with me live or work in remote areas of Australia, but others prefer the convenience of online sessions, even though they live within travelling distance of my rooms.

It is completely up to you.

Don’t jeopardise your mental health just because you live or work in a remote area, or cannot find a therapist in your area. Call me to discuss how I can help you.

Your journey to overcoming your problem is one you can feel secure in knowing we will be working together to complete it successfully.

Peter McMahon.