Treating Phobias with Hypnotherapy in Brisbane

A phobia is a disproportionate fear of an object or a situation. However, such a definition hardly does the experience justice. In real life, it is a debilitating, highly embarrassing, and limiting issue. It takes away your freedom. I have helped many clients liberate themselves from phobias through a combination of psychotherapeutic approaches and hypnosis.

Understanding Phobias

A phobia is like a sleeper agent hidden in your subconscious mind. It awaits ready to wreak havoc in your life the moment the trigger appears. Often, it is enough just to think about the object of your phobia, and the uncontrollable fear, coupled with terrifying bodily symptoms, will burst out.

Phobias most often present a combination of learned behaviour and our subconscious patterns in interacting with the world. In other words, phobias are often merely symptoms of more profound inner conflicts. In any case, the immediate fear response bypasses our critical mind and our conscious evaluation of the situation. That is why I implement hypnosis for phobias and overcoming fears that hold you back.

Eliminating Fears and Phobias Using Hypnotherapy

After years of study and research, I have found that using hypnosis to overcome phobias helps clients quickly eliminate the disorder and stay that way for years to come. The power of phobia hypnotherapy programs is in accessing what we usually don’t have direct access to – our subconsciousness.

When you see a hypnotherapist for phobias, such as myself, he will help you get to the roots of your phobia. If you try for a change merely on a behavioural level, the true cause of the disorder will only change form. It will come back as some other symptom. I avoid that by designing the hypnotherapy for phobias sessions first to investigate what has caused the fear and what is maintaining it. Then we move on to gradually learning to confront the object of your phobia while in a profoundly relaxed state. My experience matches what research has revealed about the power of hypnotherapy to eliminate a vomitting phobia, fear of driving, and any other form of specific or complex phobic fear.

Imagine a Life Without Fears and Phobias

I know that it may be hard to imagine, especially if you’ve been fighting the disorder for a long time. However, you can overcome fears and phobias with hypnosis at Hypnotherapy Queensland! I offer face-to-face treatment of phobias and anxiety in Brisbane, as well as online sessions. There’s no need for you to wait any longer – book a call or a session with me right now and live a liberated life!

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